Welcome to Mountain Biking in Santa Cruz County

Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz (MBoSC) is a non-profit mountain bike advocacy organization and a chapter of  the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA).

MBoSC works to promote mountain bike recreation and to expand sustainable trail access in the Santa Cruz area. Our organization enriches the local mountain bike community through trail building, group rides, events and cooperation with local land managers and other trail user groups.

Mountain biking promotes Community, Opportunity, Achievement and Sustainability.

Help us bring mountain biking into the mainstream of Santa Cruz living and create more authorized trail access.

Check out our Dig Days Volunteer Trailwork Schedule for opportunities to help out on our local trails! Sign up now!

Join, volunteer and sponsor/donate – together we can make a difference!

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MBoSC Seeks Office Space


MBoSC is seeking office/ warehouse space.

With a growing staff and increased storage needs MBoSC needs a home of its own. We are looking for a hybrid office/warehouse that will serve as a home base for our office and trail operations. Please let us know if you know of anything!


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Sign Up Today!


Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz (MBoSC)  is continuing with another busy season of volunteer work. We have Dig Days scheduled at Wilder Ranch State Park, Pogonip and Delaveaga parks in Santa Cruz, and at Soquel Demonstration Forest. To support these efforts MBoSC is putting on a trail work and crew leader training series.

We depend on volunteers to keep our local trails running in tip top condition, and we rely upon our highly skilled and dedicated crew leaders to help manage volunteers. If you are interested in making a significant contribution to MBoSC’s trail construction and maintenance efforts as a crew leader (or if you just want to learn more about trail building), we encourage you to attend these training events.

There will be both classroom sessions and field based exercises covering trail design, construction, and volunteer management. Classes will be held in the evenings in both Santa Cruz and the San Jose area, and field training sessions will take place on local trails, and at the first volunteer Dig Day of the season.

Classes will be offered in both Santa Cruz and the South Bay.

Once you have completed the series you will be eligible to lead volunteer crews at MBoSC volunteer Dig Days, and well on your way to being a an all star trail builder.

Sign up Here!

Contact info@mbosc.org for more info.

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Volunteer of the Month : Sponsored by Praxis


We LOVE Our Volunteers

Volunteers are the cogs in the Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz machine. From the Board of Directors to Trail Crew Leaders, volunteers are behind the scenes making the magic happen.

Our honored Volunteer of the Month is Bruce Dorman!!! Bruce has gone above and beyond to help Santa Cruz become the best mountain biking town. Now thanks to our friends at Praxis, Bruce has a brand new Girder M30 Crank for his mountain bike!

Interview with Bruce:

How old were you when you started riding bikes? I was probably about 3 yrs old

How long have you been riding in Santa Cruz? I’ve been riding here for about 10 yrs now!

How often do you get to ride? I usually ride 2 – 3  times a week , more if I can

What’s your favorite trail these days? I like anything that has some flow and character to it. Enchanted Loop in Wilder State Park is a pretty special place in my mind. It was a beautiful trail before but even more so now with the recent re-route project MBoSC worked on that takes you through some stunning redwood forest! 

If you could change one thing about riding in Santa Cruz, what would that be? I’d like to see more legal single track and multi use trails available for me and my friends to ride! A legal single track trail that connects from where I live in Felton to downtown Santa Cruz would be pretty awesome. 

What are you most excited about when it comes to the future of riding in Santa Cruz? I’m pretty excited to be a part of any future trail building projects, which will help create an even better riding experience here in Santa Cruz. One thing that I’ve learned is that amazing trails don’t build themselves!

Who’s your favorite riding buddy or crew? That would be my adorable wife Julie, aka the Shredchic! I also love just getting out for a local UC/Wilder trail ramble with a bunch of mates. There is nothing better! 

What’s your dream ride day look like? 20 -30 miles of sweet alpine single track with only a little climbing and lot’s of flowy descending. Temperatures in the low to mid 80’s finishing at a nice swimming hole and a cold beer.  Something like the Whole Enchilada in Moab or the Alpine trail in Oakridge comes to mind.

Where are you going next? This summer we’re planning to enjoy the local and California trails. There are so many awesome options. We’re hoping to get up to Downieville, Lake Tahoe and Mendocino. Colorado is also somewhere on our near horizon.

What do you appreciate the most about MBoSC? I really enjoy the opportunity and framework that MBoSC provides for volunteers to help build trails. I also just love the stoke of meeting and hitting the trails with other riders.

Why do you volunteer for MBoSC?  I’ve ridden some pretty amazing trails all over the place and I want to give back and help to build and maintain more great trails locally.


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Become a Leader : Help Build Trails


Trail Work and Crew Leader Training Interest Form

MBoSC will be offering crew leader training classes this summer and fall to give our volunteer crew leaders the knowledge and skills they need to successfully lead volunteers on trail construction and maintenance projects. MBoSC is taking on more and more trail work every year, help us keep our trails dialed!

Classes will run from mid-October through mid-November. Completing these classes is a requirement for leading volunteer crews at MBoSC workdays.

Please let us know about your interests and preferences by filling and submitting the form.

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Now Open : Harvey West Pump Track



Guess what?! The new pump track at Harvey West park is now OPEN!!

Build your skills on this wonderfully sculpted pump track. The continuous loop of rollers and berms is designed to help riders build bike-handling, balance and coordination skills for safe and controlled trail riding. As you progress on the track you can even go airborne on one of the multiple jump features!!

ALSO – Mark your calendars for the Grand Opening party!! October 15th at 11am.

If you are interested in helping with track maintenance and watering please contact info@mbosc.org for access to tools and hoses.

New to pump track? Check out these articles for a little background, safety and etiquette.
Adventure Sports Journal – http://bit.ly/2bNkE2c
Berm Style – http://bit.ly/2bHghqR
MTB 4 HER – http://bit.ly/2ckXdNy

You might also consider pump track instruction by one of the many local *talented* groups and individuals that offer pump track lessons in our area.
Mount Hermon/ Velocity Bike Park – http://bit.ly/2cjh8iK
The Ride Guids – http://bit.ly/2bMnoLS
Abby Hippely – http://www.abbyhippely.com/

We’re so grateful for all of the help getting the park up and running. Special thanks to: Rob Donato, City of Santa Cruz, Central Coast Wilds, Central Home Supply, Day One Solar, George H. Wilson, Las Animas Concrete, Plantronics, Kirby School, A Tool Shed, Granite Construction, Mark Aubin, Bocci’s Cellars, Bogard Construction, Broughton Properties, Bruce Mechanical, Catto’s Graphics, Dave Manning Development, Dean Lululiano, Elements Manufacturing, Erik’s Deli Cafe, Granite Rock, Happy Days,City of Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz high school trail crew, Lyn Wilkinson, Rob Donato, JP Basile, **Brian Barnhart** who took these amazing photos and John Tillman.

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