Trail Talk #4: Digging for Dead Presidents


Volunteer Crew Leader Mark Aubin puttin the hurt
on some backslope. Photo Bogdan Marian.

Well, with some good digging conditions and the help of volunteers segment 5 is well on its way to completion. The machine construction was completed at the end of last week and the hand finish work is rip-roaring along. On Saturday a group of volunteer crew leaders came out to do some finish work and practice their trail work and leadership skills in preparation for the forthcoming large public volunteer days. The goal for the day was to leave a few finished sections and to complete several trail features. The volunteers sculpted a couple berms, backsloped through some serious terrain, and improved trail drainage. Soil moisture was perfect for compaction so we broke out the hand tampers and vibraplates to pound some of that loose terra firma into some tasty singletrack, built to leave your synapses tingling for years to come. Continue reading

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Calling All Flow Trail Fans for Volunteer Trailwork Days

MBoSC is excited to announce the first two official Flow Trail at Demo VOLUNTEER TRAILWORK EVENTS!

Come on out and lend a hand!

Come on out to the Demo forest and help build the Flow Trail!

Saturday February 22
Our first official volunteer workday is sponsored by the Stewards of Soquel Forest, the non-profit organization founded in 2000 that helped put Braille Trail on the map. Participation is limited to 50 volunteers, so get your RSVP in fast!

Saturday & Sunday March 8-9 (postponed)

Saturday & Sunday March 15-16 (new & improved dates!)

Our first camping work weekend has a volunteer limit of 100, so sign up your group now! We are seeking a sponsor for this weekend to host our volunteers. If your company is interested in supporting the Flow Trail and hosting this event, contact for information.

What You Need to Know
You must pre-register for an event to volunteer. Fill out the registration form here. We meet at the top of Hihn’s Mill Road at 29400 Highland Way, Los Gatos, CA 95033 at 9:00am and work until 3:00pm on Saturdays, and until 1:30pm on Sundays. Additional information can be found at the registration link above, or if your questions are not answered there, contact

Continue reading

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Trail Talk #3: Gettin real

Photo courtesy Josh Davidson

Photo courtesy Josh Davidson

This past week marks a major milestone for MBoSC and the Flow Trail project. We have broken ground on segment 5 and have rough cut almost 1000 feet of trail.

While this project has been in the works for over a year, it has remained a bit of an abstraction, an imagined ribbon of rad singletrack through the woods. It has been mapped out on paper, at the center of a huge fundraising campaign, the motivating factor for training a legion of volunteer trail crew leaders, it’s been through the environmental review process, designed and redesigned in the minds of its trail builders, and prepped, groomed, and cleared by crews of inmates. But as soon as the first bucket of dirt was moved by the Morrison Trailblazer trail machine, the trail became real. It is happening, and it is so tremendous. Continue reading

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Flow Trail at Demo Weekday Volunteers Now Needed


Photo courtesy Josh Davidson

Our rain dance worked a little too well! After this weekend’s deluge, we’ll be in dirt digging paradise. Are you available to give us a hand during the week? We could use some help this coming TUESDAY through FRIDAY (2-11 to 2-14).

If you can spend an entire day, meet us at the CAL FIRE forest office on Old San Jose Road at 8am and be prepared to stick with us until 4:30pm.

Alternatively, you can meet us out there around 8:30am at Segment 5 (see map for details). Park at Highland Way and head up Tractor until you see the orange tool box.

Not that you need the motivation to work on this highly anticipated, super sweet project, but check out these inspiring images of the work that’s recently been done out there courtesy dedicated volunteers Josh Davidson and Bogdan Marian (via mtbr).

Please RSVP to and let Drew know if you’re meeting at the office or riding/hiking in. Continue reading

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Trail Talk #2: Keep ‘em separated

Trail corridor cleared of slash and duff.

Trail corridor cleared of slash and duff.

Last week we had the CAL FIRE conservation camp crews out for three days to clear the trail corridor on two segments of the flow trail. Segment 5, where we will begin construction, has been cleared of debris and raked down to mineral soil. Removing all of the slash and debris from our corridor leaves us with a blank canvas to work with. We can see the exact contour of the ground, we are no longer guessing where terra firma actually lies beneath all of the logging debris and thick redwood and tanoak duff. Many trailbuilders skip this step of scraping away all of the organic material down to the pure mineral soil, and flag out their trails and dig away through the duff. This saves them time (and time=money), which is a major concern for a trail contractor who may have x number of projects lined up. As our focus lies in quality rather than quantity of production, we are taking pains to bring the good people who ride Demo an A+ #1 product, which means taking the time to do the trail layout the best that we can.

Lots of people have a credo which they live by, Muslims have Allahu Akbar, moral folks have do unto others,  drinkers have liquor before beer, the fashion conscious have no plaid with stripes, Marines have Semper Fi, the British God Save the Queen,  ya know. Well we have, keep your minerals and your organics separate. All day, every day, till the day, that we die. Continue reading

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