Scotts Valley Pump Track

Your donations go directly toward this community effort to build a pump track in Scotts Valley. Donations can also be made at Scotts Valley Cycle Sport


$5 each or 5 for $20

Efforts are well under way to put in a municipal pump track near the dog park in Scotts Valley’s Sky Park off Mt. Hermon Road. The Scotts Valley Pump Track (SVPT) will be operated as part of Sky Park by the City of Scotts Valley and supported by the local mountain biking community, including FOX, BELL, Scotts Valley Cycle Sport (SVCS) and Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz (MBoSC).

This pump track will be the largest in the county at approximately 14,000 square feet. For comparison, the Aptos Pump Track behind Epicenter Cycling is approximately 13,000 square feet and the West Side Pump Track near Another Bike Shop is approximately 5,000 square feet.


There will be two distinct portions parts of the track: an easy track suitable for beginners and young kids and a more advanced track with larger rollers and berms. Riders of all levels and ages can ride one or both of these tracks.

The SVPT will be built with both professional and volunteer labor. Action Sports Construction—who built the Sea Otter Classic speed and style course for the last several years as well as a number of private pump tracks in California and around the nation—has been contracted as the primary contractor. The main construction will utilize a skid steer (mini tractor) which can move a lot of dirt and compress it. There will be ample opportunity for volunteer builders to provide input in the design phase and help shape and tune the final track. On going maintenance of the pump track will be coordinated by Scott Valley Cycle Sport.

This pump track is temporary in nature and will be dismantled when construction begins on the Scotts Valley Town Center. At least 2-5 years of use from this track is expected and during that time a  permanent location will be secured with broad community support.

An estimated cost of $17,000 includes 400 yards of clean dirt, equipment rental costs, designer/operator expenses, drainage and signage. Process red tape must be resolved and funding secured in order for construction to proceed. This project will take approximately 2 weeks to complete once construction starts.

Pump tracks offer an excellent opportunity for youth to develop strong bike handling skills and confidence.

FOX, BELL, Scotts Valley Cycle Sport (SVCS) and Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz (MBoSC) have committed financial support but additional funds are much needed from the community, so please consider donating to this exciting new endeavor. Any additional funds will be allocated to help pay for the long term maintenance costs.

Thank you for your contribution to the mountain biking infrastructure in Santa Cruz County.


Construction underway on the Scotts Valley Pump Track

August 22nd, 2014

The Scotts Valley Pump Track is starting to take shape under the direction of pump track guru Alex Fowler. A big thanks to FOX and Bell for the support of their hometown project. Scotts Valley Cycle Sport has also been … Continue reading