Coast Dairies

The Coast Dairies Property is approximately 7,000 acres and consists of six distinct watersheds, more than seven miles of coastal resources (including seven beaches) hundreds of acres of agricultural lands, 700 acres of redwood forest and other unique natural and cultural resources.

This land was purchased through the efforts of the Trust for Public Land, Save the Redwoods and the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County. This is the most significant addition to public land to the North Coast since 1975.

The coastal side of Highway 1 was handed over to California State Parks on July 2006. The inland side (excluding the agricultural leases) was handed over to the Bureau of Land Management in April 2014.

The Coast Dairies Management Plan recognizes the recreational opportunities for trails as long as the use is consistent with the goals of protection and preservation of natural and cultural resources. This is a beautiful place. The property offers high marine terraces, steep canyons cut by local creeks, a quot;virgin” second or third growth redwood forest and panoramic views of the coast and surrounding landscape. Unlike Wilder Ranch, the Pacific ocean is a dominant part of the background when on top of the marine terraces.

This land represents a significant recreational and cultural resource for Santa Cruz County. We will be active participants in the stewardship of the Coast Dairies lands so that we can protect and enjoy this treasure of public land for many generations.


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