What Is a Flow Trail?

A flow trail is a trail built specifically for mountain bikes which emphasizes speed and rhythm and contains linked berms, rollers, and jumps. The berms, rollers and features are designed in a way that effectively utilizes and controls the bicycle rider’s momentum to minimize pedaling and braking. It may be regarded as similar in experience to a downhill pump track. From the young (or not so young) beginner, to the downhill pro, a flow trail delivers smiles for riders of all ages and skill level.

The photos below (courtesy Jason Van Horn) feature the Endor Flow Trail—the first flow trail to be built in the San Francisco Bay Area—at Camp Tamarancho in Marin County. Read about our crew leader training field trip to the Endor Flow Trail.

Riders of all ages will be welcome on the Flow Trail at Demo. Check out this inspiring video below of a toddler on a Strider bike at Tolkan Campground in the Kings Range National Conservation Area in Humboldt County.