Photo: Bogdan Marian

Volunteers get ready to head out onto the trail for a full day of work.

As of June 1, 2014, 226 volunteers (led by trail construction manager Drew Perkins and over 40 volunteer crew leaders trained by MBoSC) put in 2,400 hours to complete the first two trail segments—FOX-sponsored #3 and Epicenter Cycling-sponsored #5—featuring impeccably crafted berms, jumps, rollers, and other features. Coupled with the generous support of private donors and industry and community sponsors, the flow trail project is off to an excellent start. But with another three miles to complete next construction season (winter 2015), MBoSC is already hard at work raising the additional funding needed to complete the project, and organizing volunteer forces for when construction resumes.


Crew leaders have been specially trained to supervise volunteer work parties. Photo: Bruce Dorman

Volunteers are welcome on most weekdays; contact us to add your name to the volunteer roster and we’ll keep you posted on specific days, time frames, meeting spots, and other details.

One day and two day volunteer work events will be scheduled on weekends over the next few months. Work events include food and beverage provided by hospitality sponsors. Two day events will offer optional camping. Participation in these events is limited. Learn more about upcoming scheduled work events here.

We need sponsors to host our workdays. If you would like to help feed, hydrate, entertain and recruit volunteers, please contact us for more info.

Digging the dirt. And digging the dirt. Photo: Bogdan Marian

Digging the dirt. And digging the dirt.
Photo: Bogdan Marian

Learn more about the flow trail’s construction process.

Sign up for volunteer work events and add your name to the volunteer roster.

Learn more about the generous supporters of this endeavor and how you can help by sponsoring or making a private donation.