Bell Built Recap


Bell Helmets launched its popular trail building grant contest (Bell Built) in April and we were excited to have a project in the West Coast region running to win $33k!

However, despite our best efforts—rallied under a challenging time with tapped out volunteer resources—we couldn’t get a strong enough foothold in this competition and now offer our sincere congratulations to the folks out in Flagstaff who will receive some hefty help on their project, the Ft. Tuthill Bike Park. Field trip to AZ anyone? !! High fives to all of our west coast competitors, and best of luck to the Central Coast and East Coast finalists.

We should all be super proud of how hard we worked to bring in the votes while simultaneously preparing for and throwing the Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival, our club’s biggest fundraiser which benefits mountain biking organizations and projects throughout Santa Cruz county.

At the close of this campaign, we look to what makes our project a winner no matter who receives the coveted grant: the heart and soul of the Demo Flow Trail—the people making it happen. This comment plucked from a thread about the grant contest cements the MBoSC pride: “Considering the passion of the people working on [the Demo Flow Trail] and supporting it… this is so deserving of a fair share of the grant.”

Passion, commitment, dedication, heart. We’ve got that dialed here in the 831. ;) Thank you, friends, for the heaps of support you have given to us in our quest to win the Bell Built grant. No matter what, #wewin.

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