Demo Flow Trail Project Update and Trail Construction Crew Leader Training

Demo Flow Trail Project Update
Since the completion of the Emma McCrary trail, MBOSC has been hard at work behind the scenes on the Demo Flow Trail project and we wanted to give folks an update on the status of the project and our plans for the summer and fall. We are starting a google group to keep people informed about this project. Visit!forum/mbosc-demo to sign up.┬áIf you haven’t heard, our Own the Flow Ibis Ripley raffle raised $44,000 for the project! Thanks a bunch to Ibis Cycles and to all of you who donated. We estimate that this project will take at least $100,000 to complete, so if you, your company, or anyone you know would like to make a donation, or if you know of any grants we should pursue, please let us know.The club is working with CALFIRE to complete the environmental documentation and secure any necessary permits. We are making good progress and everything should be lined up to begin work this year.

We plan to begin construction in the fall once the rain starts again and we have moist soil to work with. Moist soil is going to be key for proper compaction of berms, rollers, and other features and keeping the trail solid during both the wet and dry months. We should have at least a couple of segments ready to ride by the spring.

Design for a 4 mile Flow Trail adjacent to Tractor Trail (now a road)

Design for a 4 mile Flow Trail adjacent to Tractor Trail (now a road)

Trail Construction Crew Leader Training
The Flow Trail Project will be a huge undertaking and will take lots of skilled and dedicated volunteers to make it a success. Due to the remote location we intend to conduct LARGE workdays and even work weekends where many volunteers will work on large portions of the trail at the same time. In order for this to work we need trained crew leaders who are all on the same page and can work together as a team to pull it off!

This summer we are conducting a trailwork and crew leader training series. If you are interested in making a significant contribution and being involved in helping lead this project we encourage you to attend these training events. However, if you don’t want to lead a crew but want to learn more about trail construction feel free to attend! There will be both classroom sessions and field based exercises discussing trail design, construction, and volunteer management. We will hold evening classes both in Santa Cruz and the San Jose area and will hold field training sessions in Demo. Additionally, we will take field trips to the Emma McCrary trail and the Endor Flow Trail in Tamarancho up in Marin to gain understanding of flow trail design and construction.

Please sign up for the Crew Leader Training by sending email to Crew Leaders should complete the series before being assigned to independently lead a trail construction crew on the Demo Flow Trail. You will receive a course binder and various materials at Class 1. Once you have completed the series at Class 5 you will be awarded a very special Crew Leader swag bag that will allow you to be dressed and equipped for leadership success!

Course Descriptions are below.

Class 1) Trail design overview This class will cover various topics on trail design for the Flow Trail as well as other types of trails, and includes designing for intended use, sustainability, soils, trail grade, features, and user safety. Also we will discuss how the design is laid out and marked, revised and finalized, and the crew leader’s role in implementing the design.

Class 2) Trail construction overview This class will build on Class 1, and will focus again on how we will be building the Flow Trail but will also cover construction for other types of trails. Topics include construction standards and techniques, steps and sequence of construction including use of mechanized equipment, how crews work most efficiently, various tools used etc.

Class 3) Trail construction workshop This field session will be held in Soquel Demo Forest. We will take the information from Classes 1 & 2, and discuss and practice laying out trail segments, and practice various trail construction methods for different elements of the Flow Trail.

Class 4) Trail crew leadership Topics in this class will focus on the human element of working with volunteers, project managers, and the land manager. We will discuss workday schedule of events, respecting volunteer’s time and effort, safety, following guidelines, working with different personality and body types, teaching vs. doing, the crew leader’s role on a large workday, working together as a team with other crew leaders, etc.

Class 5) Trail crew workshop This field session will be held in Soquel Demo Forest. We will put the lessons from Classes 3 and 4 to work. Various scenarios will be enacted allowing crew leaders to practice leadership skills on a mock volunteer workday.

Field Trip 1) Emma McCrary Trail, Santa Cruz This field trip will bring crew leaders to certain focal points on this newly constructed multi-use trail and will discuss various issues related to trail user experience, trail design, construction and crew leadership.

Field Trip 2) Endor Flow Trail, Fairfax This field trip will bring crew leaders to certain focal points on this newly constructed purpose built Flow Trail and will discuss its unique design, professional mechanized construction blended with volunteer help, and challenges related to maintaining a Flow Trail after construction

Tentative Schedule of Classes (subject to change) below. Classes 1, 2, and 4 are indoors, evenings, 2 hours. Curriculum will be the same at both, hopefully most people can make one of the two dates for each class. The workshops and field trips are outdoors, weekends lasting about half a day:

Section A Santa Cruz) Evening classes will be held Wednesdays from 6 to 8pm in Santa Cruz at offices of Geo H. Wilson Inc. 250 Harvey West Blvd, Santa Cruz, CA 95060. Workshops and Field Trips are Saturdays 9-3pm
Class 1: 7/31 Wednesday 6 to 8pm
Class 2: 8/14 Wednesday 6 to 8pm
Field Trip 1: 8/17 Saturday 9-3pm
Class 3: 8/24 Saturday 9-3pm
Field Trip 2: 11/9
Class 4: 9/11 Wednesday 6 to 8pm
Class 5: 9/28 Saturday 9-3pm

Section B South Bay) Evening classes will be held Thursdays from 6:30 to 8:30 in the South Bay. Workshops and Field Trips are Sundays 9-3pm
Class 1: 8/8 Thursday 6:30 to 8:30pm
Class 2: 8/22 Thursday 6:30 to 8:30pm (DATE CHANGED)
Field Trip 1: 8/25 Sunday 9-3pm
Class 3: 9/8 Sunday 9-3pm
Field Trip 2: 11/9
Class 4: 9/12 Thursday 6:30 to 8:30pm
Class 5: 9/22 Sunday 9-3pm

We may consider adding a Section C, or makeup sections if there is enough demand.

Please sign up for the Crew Leader Training by sending an email to with the subject: Crew leader training

If you do not want to be a crew leader but would like to be notified of trailwork once we begin, please sign up to our email list by visiting!forum/mbosc-demo to sign up.

Thanks again for your support of this project!

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