Horse Ride Alert: SCCHA Fireworks Endurance Ride this Saturday, June 13

Just a reminder that the Santa Cruz County Horsemen’s Association (SCCHA) Fireworks Endurance Ride is this coming Saturday, June 13 and much of the event will be on trails in Wilder. Below is a course map for reference and the two courses (50 Mile and 25 Mile) are described in more detail below.  

For those of you riding the MBoSC club ride, be assured that Saturday’s ride leader (Matt) will factor this in when determining a route. For those of you riding on your own that day, please keep in mind the following and do what you can to help to support the unique cooperative relationship between mountain bikers and equestrians in Santa Cruz county.

There are two distances/courses, a 25 mile event and a 50 mile event. The 50 Milers will leave the Showgrounds on Graham Hill Rd in a controlled start at 6:30am. They will go on Powder Mill Trail through Cowell, past the Observation Deck, down Rincon to the river crossing. Then up Rincon to the parking lot, up UConn and then Chinquapin through the UC upper campus. The 50 Milers will cover all the trail on the attached map. After all their time in Wilder they will retrace their steps thru upper campus and Cowell to finish at the Showgrounds. 

The 25 Milers will follow the same course the 50 Milers do to get to Wilder then will do Chinquapin to Eucalyptus Grove to top of Enchanted then left and loop back up (the blue loop on the map). It is expected that the 25 Milers will be at UConn by about 8:30, at Twin Gates by about 9:00, then loop 7.5 miles and back out.

The SCCHA will deploy a volunteer crew to clean poop from the trail, most likely on Sunday morning. This should not impact any mountain bikers and is just an FYI that the equestrian community is committed to policing their road apples 😉

Please contact Lindsay Overton (MBoSC member and volunteer for SCCHA) at if you have any questions and happy riding!

Fireworks Wilder map 6-19-13 - small
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