One year later

It’s amazing that it has just been over one year since the Santa Cruz City Council approved the Emma McCrary Trail (then the East Multi-Use Trail). I am just blown away by the community support for this project and all the love and care and sweat that have gone into making this beautiful, fun, and sustainable trail. We have had over 3,000 volunteer hours and $30,000 donated towards this project and are getting close to completion.

On Thursday, the beams for the two 35′ bridges were delivered. Big thanks to Tom Wilson and his crew at Geo H. Wilson Mechanical Contracting for assisting us with the unloading and transport of the beams into the park. The beams would not fit under the railroad trestle on Big Creek’s truck. Using a crane, flatbed, and backhoe they were able to get the beams delivered as close as possible to the trail, ready for the next step in the process. Next Saturday, April 6th, we will be moving and placing the beams on the abutments. This work will take care, teamwork, and communication to get the job done safely, as well as a whole bunch of volunteers.

If you would like to assist in one of the last steps in completing this trail, please sign up at We will meet at 9 am at the Pogonip Ranger Station. Coffee from Verve Coffee Roasters and Muffins from Rebecca’s at the Tannery. We are looking for a lunch sponsor.

Email for more info.







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