Rock Stars!

A huge thank you to all of our great volunteers working at the Pogonip this week.

We had 11 volunteers last Wednesday, 8 on Thursday, and 22 on Saturday. We have cleared almost the entire section of trail north of Redwood Creek, and also built a nice rock wall where the trail had to go just downhill of some large Douglas-fir trees.

Thanks to Spokesman Bicycles, Sprockets, Another Bike Shop, Epicenter Cycling, and Bicycle Trip for providing lots of goodies and gift certificates for volunteer raffles. Also, thank you to Ibis Cycles for providing Woodstocks pizza for lunch on Saturday.

Next week, a conservation crew will begin clearing the southern portion of the trail where the poison oak is much thicker. We hope to be working on the Fern Trail re-route or perhaps we’ll be working on the southern end (past Redwood Creek).

The next workdays will be Wednesday and Thursday at 5:30 pm meeting at the bottom of U-con. Next weekend work day is Sunday June 10th at 9:00 am. Please sign up at for the weekend trail work days or sending a quick message to for the weekday work days.

The Pogonip multi-use trial is the first legal mountain bike trail constructed in Santa Cruz County since 1999. This trail will connect the downtown and the levee area to the U-Con trail and will definitely improve access for mountain biking in Santa Cruz. This will be a scenic and family friendly trail which will be enjoyed for many, many generations. There hasn’t been a lot of opportunities to build a trail from scratch you can be a part the history of Santa Cruz by helping to build it.

We started building this trail just under 4 weeks ago and we have made significant progress! Thank you, thank you for all who have helped out so far. At the pace we are going we may have this completed by fall. The sooner we can build this amazing trail the sooner we can ride it.

If you are allergic or can’t deal with the threat of poison oak then there are many other ways you can help out.

  • Consider helping out with the logistics: bringing morning coffee and snacks, volunteer waivers or lunch. There will probably be some rock and quarry work tomorrow so that could be a good means to help out. Please contact Drew at if you want to help with these tasks.
  • Consider making a donation to support the construction effort. We have real costs like tools, equipment rentals and materials for bridges. We need to raise about $10-15K to complete this trail. Any donation will really help out. A few of you have really gone big with the donations and we appreciate it!

More details about the Pogonip multi-use trail project can be seen at or our facebook page .

Hope to see you out on the trail!

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