Bell Super Enduro at Demo

Tell me about the Super Enduro at Demo

MBoSC presented the first “Super Enduro at Demo” sponsored by Bell which was held April 14, 2012. This was the first sanctioned competitive event at the Soquel Demonstation State Forest (SDSF) and it was an unqualified success. We would like to thank Bell in their support of this historical event.

We were only allowed 50 riders as a condition of our permit. Since this was our first event we wanted to ensure that we could run the event safely and on time. We decided to only allow pro and expert level riders only. The field included Mark Weir, Ross Schnell, Jason Moeschler, Jeff Kendall-Weed, Aaron Bradford, Duncan Riffle, Kathy Pruitt, Matthew Slaven, Mary Moncorge, Ben Cruz, Barry Wicks, Nathan Riddle, Curtis Keene, Max Houtzager and Joanna Petterson.

We hope to present more super enduro races at Demo in the future and have a larger and more inclusive field.

Coverage of the Bell Super Enduro at Demo.

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