Pogonip EMUT has been approved!

As you may already know the Santa Cruz City Council passed the Parks Departments recommendations to plan the construction of the multi-use trial by 6-1. This is excellent news.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you all for your support of this initiative!

There was some very compelling testimony by supporters of this project. Alex discussed how he and his daughter would use this trail. Bryan spoke about a generational legacy. Adam spoke about safe places for the high school mountain bike team to ride. Kathy demonstrated the diversity of the mountain biking community. The bike industry spoke about the importance of mountain biking to the economy and stature of Santa Cruz County. Thank you all for staying positive.

Before issuing her no vote, Council member Katherine Biers managed to get a few concessions in the plan. These are merely speed bumps rather than barriers to this project.

Did we really get the approval of this trail? The Sentinel reported it so it must be true.

(I still don’t like the way that the Sentinel frames the issue but it’s still a victory).

This will be the first purposely built recreational trail since the U-Con trail in 1999 and one which will take folks through some spectacular settings. This trail is hyper photogenic and will be accessible to hikers, equestrians and riders of all levels. This trail unlocks mountain biking in Santa Cruz and will be enjoyed for many, many generations.

As a personal note, this issue and the approval of this trail has taken up permanent residency in my brain in the 2 years since it has been initially proposed. The stakes were high and this trail is the most important event in the history of mountain biking in Santa Cruz (obvious hyperbole but time will tell). Outside of work and family, the approval of this trail project was the most important project in my life. After the excitement of the decision wore down I slept like a baby. I woke up feeling like this monstrous burden had been lifted off my shoulders and I really felt lighter with a permanent grin. I’m still grinning!

Thank you all for being a part of this adventure.

Now lets get this trail built!

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