Castle Rock Skyline Trail opening March 23, 2012

Skyline Trail assessment with Hilride May 2007

We have an update on the 1.7 mile Skyline Trail in Castle Rock from the Chris Pereira Trails Supervisor for the Santa Cruz District:

We are very close to completion and estimate only 1-2 more weeks. Even though winter has been extremely mild, the rain we have received has created some very soft conditions at locations where trail realignments were constructed to reduce grades or improve sight distance. Because of this there has been difficultly getting good soil compaction at these locations. We know this trail is going to get heavy use once opened, so we have postponed the opening date to March 23, 2012, to allow for more seasoning of the trail.

Thanks again for your generous donations that paid for bridges, retainer wall lumber, rock, new trail signage, and staff time for technical oversight of the project.

The key take away is that the opening date will be March 23, 2012. Please do not ride on the trail before then.

There had been some discussion about partnering with ROMP for an opening ceremony – which would be nice. MBOSC leadership is pegged with the Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival and the Pogonip Multi-Use Trail. We have a couple of folks who are interested in helping out and we are targeting May or June. If you want to help out then let us know and we can put you in touch with other interested parties.

The funds for this particular project came out of the mbosc general fund since we did not hold a fund raiser specifically for this project. Thank you all for your donations and support for mbosc over the years!

You can renew your membership, join or donate to help replenish those funds. We are an all volunteer 501(c)3 organization so consider having your employer matching your donation if they provide such a program.

This process started with a November 2006 request from MBOSC to convert limited use trails in Santa Cruz County to multi-use. Hilride visited in May 2007 to provide an assessment of the Skyline Trail in Castle Rock. Since then we have submitted comments into the Big Basin General plan and the Castle Rock Trail plan.

The Skyline Trail represents the first legal single-track for mountain bikes opened in Santa Cruz County since the U-Con trail in 1999. There will be more miles of legal single track opened this year.

Thanks you once again for your support!

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4 Responses to Castle Rock Skyline Trail opening March 23, 2012

  1. Ace Sievert says:

    Any news about the Big Basin general plan being approved? From what I read and wrote in support of they were going to convert McCrary Ridge and some other trails to multi use. Do yuo know what the status is? Keep up the good work.

    • Joy says:

      I have to say, I agree with a lot of your comments. I was ilvonved in building two of the upper sections of PR and have run the trail a number of times (it runs *very* well, by the way), so I was really looking forward to getting out on it on my hardtail. Much harder than I expected! I’m a mediocre mountain biker at best, but I had a really hard time even on the low down part. I can handle the occasional bit of technical difficulty, but coupling that with sharp pinch-points and narrow turns made it really tricky and I went down hard twice below the silo. The upper section was rocky enough that I walked most of it, then bailed out down the relatively easier Wapiti trail opting to come back by road. Maybe I’ll stick to easier trails or just stick to the running.

  2. Glenn says:

    Great job guys! Looking forward to riding this trail.

  3. Ben says:

    Can anybody confirm that it’s actually opened?

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