Mark your calendars: Parks Commission meeting March 5th for Pogonip trail

The Celery Tree along the Pogonip multi-use trail

We are entering the last stages of the political process to get the Pogonip multi-use trail approved.

The next event related is that it the proposal/study will be presented to the Parks and Recreation Commission Special Meeting Monday March 5th 4 pm at City Hall.

If all goes well then it will be off to City Council shortly afterwards.

Please consider attending the March 5th meeting to show your support. Some of us plan to attend and present the petition and speak on behalf of the mountain biking community. You don’t have to speak but it would be great to have a strong showing of supporters. The opponents are bringing their supporters so we should as well. This may be considered a dress rehearsal for the City Council meeting.

The Pogonip multi-use trail support petition has been going well but we are stalling in the numbers of new signers recently. If you haven’t signed the petition yet then please do so. Signing the petition is an easy, effective and passive way to express support for this trail.

If you work for a bike shop or the local bike industry then please encourage your employees and customers to sign. If you work for a local business that supports the trail then please consider soliciting your employees to sign the petition and attend the meetings.

Consider printing a Pogonip petition poster and hanging at your place of business and local trail heads.

A small amount of effort will yield huge dividends! Your reward will be super sweet new single track by this fall – or earlier!

After we get though this political process the fun part begins: constructing the trail!

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