New Picnic Table at Overlook at Wilder Ranch

Andrew at the Wilder Ranch Overlook

The overlook at Wilder Ranch State Park is an amazing destination for all trail users. After your climb to the overlook you will be rewarded with a spectacular view of the entire Monterey Bay. On a clear day you can see the stacks of Moss Landing, the Salinas Valley and Monterey.

Rider and MBOSC member Andrew Murray and his brother Fenton installed a picnic table at the overlook as a tribute to their mother Ida Carbone Murray. The brothers financed the project and worked with Wilder Ranch Ranger Jamie Stamps to get approval for the table.

In Andrew’s words:

Dear Fellow MBOSC Riders and members:

The attached photos are of a picnic table that my brother, Fenton Murray, and I recently had installed at Overlook Point in Wilder Ranch State Park. The picnic table is intended as a tribute to our late mother, Ida Murray, who died earlier this year at the age of 91. The table was constructed by inmates of the California Department of Corrections, and it’s purchase was made possible by contributions from friends and family, and the cooperation of the State Parks System and Ranger Jamie Stamps.

Ranger Stamps an accomplished elite mountain bike racer and cyclist, was quick to point out that of all the places in Wilder, Overlook Point could surely benefit from a picnic table. Anyone that’s visited the site has probably wished there was something other than just a USGS Survey Marker there to sit on and enjoy a snack or just take in the view. That combined with the amazing view made this a compelling location for the table.

In selecting a site, we wanted a location that replicated the view that Ida had from the deck of her West Side Santa Cruz home for the last 40 years. We also wanted the bench to serve as a resting and meeting spot for hikers, bikers and horsemen/women to enjoy the view and snacks or meals at the same time, as our mother was so well known for her parties and social gatherings around the dinner table.

Overlook Point is approximately 1.5 miles up Wilder Ranch Loop Trail from the Main Ranch and has a commanding view of the Wilder property and of Monterey Bay. On exceptionally clear days, by looking just to the right of the tip of the Monterey Penninsula you can actually see Point Sur Rock nearly 50 miles to the south.

For those interested in learning more about Ida Murray, you can view her story here.

Andrew Murray

We are really pleased that Andrew and Fenton worked with the local State Parks personel to provide this wonderful resource to the community – which will be enjoyed for many, many years.

A picnic table honoring Ida Murray

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  1. Richard Higgins says:

    Andrew: Good Job. It appears that the picnic table is an ideal way to remember Ida. I will get down to Santa Cruz in early 2012 to view it. Will call you before I go.


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