Your Donations at Work: Skyline Trail in Castle Rock

California State Parks have been going though some tough times in the past few years and Castle Rock State Park is one of the parks which is slated for closure. They are still executing their plans to work on our trail conversion proposal and one of the first trails they are going to address will be the 1.7 mile Skyline Trail at the top of Castle Rock State Park.

The Skyline Trail in Castle Rock State Park runs parallel to Highway 35 and is currently designated as a hiking only trail. MBOSC just donated $2,500 towards improvements which will make this a full multi-use trail. These funds will be used for oversight/supervision of trail construction and trail construction materials.

The multi-use upgrade will start on November 1st and when completed will allow bikes to connect Saratoga Gap to Skyline Sandborne Park. This trail will connect two multi-use parks from two different land agencies and create additional connections for longer more continuous rides. This trail has been designated part of the Bay Area Ridge Trail. One more piece of the puzzle.

These are your donations hard at work. We use our funds to enhance, promote and protect mountain biking in Santa Cruz County. If you believe in our cause then please consider joining our membership and donating generously.

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