SCB/Pogonip raffle video at the Sea Otter: our volunteers rock!

As mentioned last week, the SCB/Pogonip raffle raised about $10,815 towards the Pogonip multi-use trail. We had fun giving this bike away. Check out the 2 minute raffle video at the Sea Otter. Compare this with the almost dull mathematical (but highly efficient) way that Ibis raffled off the new Mojo SL-R. We had a blind folded and inverted 8 year old to pull the winning ticket in front of a large crowd of people – which is way more fun than using

There were a lot of folks who worked hard to raise those funds and I would like to recognize them.

Tim Park did a lot of work to move the bike to Another Bike Shop (ABS), worked with Michele on ticket design, poster design, printed tickets and posters and worked the MBOSC booth hard for the weekend days at the Sea Otter. Thanks Tim!

Michele Lamelin designed the tickets and has been MBOSC’s graphics and printing queen.

Chris Wagner-Jauregg owner of Another Bike Shop presented the Nomad Carbon on display at his shop and was the exclusive location to get buy physical tickets until the Sea Otter Classic.

Sebastien Praly was at the Sea Otter for all 4 days. Transported the booth, set it up in the mornings and helped to take it down in the evenings. He spent a lot of time working the booth and is the beer guru for MBOSC.

Tracy Cotten brought the bike and cash from ABS to the Sea Otter and spent a lot of his time staffing the MBOSC booth and selling tickets.

Jon Lukas ended the online raffle when while we were all at the Sea Otter. Jon has been building the infrastructure for the MBOSC family of webites: mbosc, scmtbfest and trips for kids santa cruz.

Eve Davidson tirelessly fulfilled and printed *all* the online raffle tickets. She also counted the money, did all the accounting and put it into the bank.

Steve and Karen Cooper worked the booth all day Sunday pushing and fulfilling ticket sales. Cooper used his barker persona to direct waves of ticket buying folks to the MBOSC booth. Highly effective!

Alan Strahsburg, Cody Breuninger, Daryl Breuninger, Drew Perkins, Kerry, Eve Davidson, Michele Lamelin, Sean McSorley, Shannon Armstrong all worked the booth hard selling tickets. I’m sure there are many others. Apologize if I missed you.

Thank you all once again for volunteering and participating in this raffle. This was a huge success for us.

We are still figuring out the financials from the Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival but it looks like we raised at least $10K for a permanent bike park. Summarizing and follow up are still pending. Stay tuned…

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