Raffle items at the Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival

The Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival is a benefit towards a permanent bike park in Aptos. The existing Post Office Jump Park and the Epicenter Pump Track are on land which is designated for the expansion of the Aptos Village. As part of the project, an “active recreational use area” (a.k.a bike park) will be developed from land donated by the landowner (Barry Swenson Builders). The County of Santa Cruz is Responsible for the design, financing and construction of the park and operational and maintenance costs. See page 28 of the Aptos Village Plan.

We hope to raise funds to donate to the County for the design and construction of the proposed permanent bike park. Construction of the new Aptos Village may begin late 2011 or early 2012. The Epicenter Pump Track and the Post Office Jumps as we know it today will be gone. The Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival may be the last big celebration of mountain biking on this property until the new bike park is completed.

$5/ticket featured raffle items include:

Complete Trek Remedy 8 trail bike
Complete Black Market Soldier jump bike
Complete Felt/Troy Lee Cruiser
GoPro Camera Kit
2″ Kuat NV Bike Rack

There may be other $5 raffle items. You do not need to be present to win the $5 raffle items.

There will be several dollar raffles through out the weekend with some top prizes like CamelBaks, GoPro Cameras, NiteRider lights, tires, WTB saddles, Chairpaks, etc… You *must* be present to win the dollar raffles.

The other way we will raise money is at the beer garden. We will feature all 6 county brewers and will be selling beer for $5. You can buy SCMTBF beer glasses: $5 single color, $8 full color.

Come out to the festival this weekend and bring some cash (or check) and buy lots of beer and raffle tickets. Please support the mountain biking/dirt jumping/pumping community by donating generously to this cause. You may be rewarded for your good karma by winning some shiny new things of pure bike lust.

For more details see:

Thank you for your support for making Santa Cruz County awesome for mountain biking!

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