The IMBA Trail Care Crew is Here!

Chris and Leslie Kehmeier have arrived in Santa Cruz and will be staying here for the next few days.

This is going to be an action packed weekend of presentations and trail work. Unfortunately, due to the rains, there will be no riding during this visit.

Some of the highlights from their visit include:

  • Pogonip Trail Assessment
  • Grassroots Advocacy Presentation with MBOSC leaders
  • Better Living Through Trails Presentation with City leaders, bike industry, local bike shops and land managers
  • Wilder Ranch trail assessment
  • Trail Building School instruction for 50 community members
  • Trail work at Wilder Ranch – to practice what we learned
  • Dinner, drinks and schwag at Seabright Brewery for trail building volunteers

We are really putting them to work on this visit. But it should be a fun filled weekend of food, drink, hard work and lots and lots of schwag.

Lunch, dinner and drinks will be provided for all volunteers over for the event. Much of this has been funded by our generous sponsors.

We would like to thank Don Palermini from Easton Bell Sports, Shawn Wilson from Epicenter Cycles, Tracy Cotten from Mick’s Automotive, Ian Dewar from Specialized, Charlie and Jessica from Seabright Brewery and Marty Collins from Digital Media Factory. Also, thanks to Ibis Cycles for schwag.

Thank you all for supporting this amazing event! Please support the businesses that support mountain biking in Santa Cruz!

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