Wilder Ranch Sign Ceremony

For years a battered, mainly unreadable sign marked the entrance to the backcountry trails at Wilder Ranch State Park. Visitors are now greeted by a beautiful panel that includes a large map and a lot of useful information about the area. On September 18th, about forty mountain bikers, state parks and “Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks” staff, and other community members met up to dedicate the sign and celebrate a successful partnership!

The mountain biking community was proud to donate $3,500 towards the design and construction of this new sign. A big thanks to State Parks Interpreter Elizabeth Hammack for managing the process and to “Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks” for contributing the remaining funds and helping with the design.

Thank you all once again for supporting our fundraisers. Your donations help improve mountain biking facilities in Santa Cruz County.

Photo credit: Karen Kefauver

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