Trip Report: Lake Tahoe Summer Trail Work and Ride

Wicked riding, great people, great camping location (Zephyr Cove Resort) and awesome trail work building the Tahoe Rim Trail near Heavenly.

This was our biggest event yet! We had about 108 attendees this year from 7 clubs, there were 12 rides organized over 4 days, and we build 1,212 feet of finished Tahoe Rim trail and 539 feet of usable (not finished) trail. The Tahoe Rim Trail work leaders were really impressed with how much we accomplished.

We would like to thank Steve Gemelos for organizing this event for MBOSC. There were at least 30 of the 108 attendees from MBOSC and Steve was very organized and thorough. Steve also worked with Patty at Passion Trail Bikes and Specialized to get the dealer grant to help pay for the coffee and bagels in the morning and the Saturday night feast.

Steve, Sebastien and Tracy woke up early in the mornings to get bagel and coffee. Eve Davidson, Jo Mutch, Patty, Steve, Randy, Dan, James B and many others helped prepare and cook the Saturday meal (it was awesome!). Thanks to Daryl for rallying the Saturday night clean up crew. Jim Haagen-Smit for setting up the Saturday night movie. Thanks to Sebastien for brewing and schlepping 4 kegs of beer. 2 of which was his interpretation of the Seabright Blur IPA recipe.

Thanks to Tracy and James B and many others for the shuttling. James’ truck was a huge asset. It had racks front and rear and could hold 12 bikes! Thanks to Linda and Dave George for all the work they did as meta-coordinators and working with club leaders.

Thanks to WTB, Fox and Specialized for providing raffle schwag for the trail workers. Thanks to Specialized for attending this event and providing a club van for shuttling.

And finally thank you all for attending and volunteering to build some more awesome trail in the Lake Tahoe area.

You can see more photos taken by Chris at Specialized here.

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