Bike Station Aptos Grand Opening

The bike business must be picking up in Santa Cruz County. This is the second grand opening notification I got recently.

Bike Station Aptos recently moved into the Aptos Rancho Del Mar Shopping Center. They will be having a party/celebration with events from July 9-11th

From Courtney:

I thought you might like to spread the word about a special amnesty program Endura will be running throughout our Grand Opening weekend here at Bike Station Aptos.  It’s pretty cool, so here’s the scoop – basically, people can bring us/Tim (from Endura) a pair of their old/worn out/crappy lycra cycling or mtb shorts, and they get 50% OFF Endura’s most popular Hummvee short.  Its a sweet deal, and the supply is unlimited =).  The Grand Opening will be July 9th – 11

We’re also putting an an “underground’ race together called the Top of the Incline Challenge in Nisene Marks, July 10th at 6:30 am that’s going to be a real hoot!  Endura is sponsoring the event, and going to give away some fun stuff at the top of the incline.

I really like that LBS’s are putting on events and reaching out to the community. Help support the local bike shops and grow the scene!

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