Please attend the Santa Cruz City Council Meeting to Support the Jump Park


Earlier this month the Santa Cruz Parks and Recreation Commission voted unanimously to move forward with the relocation of the Fun Spot bike park. We would like to thank the SC Parks and Rec Commission for your support for recreational cycling.

The next phase of this project is to attend the City Council meeting at the Santa Cruz City Council on Tuesday Feb 24th at 3 pm to support the relocation of the bike park. Note the time has changed from Jesse’s earlier messages.

The current plan is to relocate the park around the corner to a permanent location at Depot Park. Your comments should be in support of the relocation plan and you should also express your support for a public jump park in general.

Please attend and show your support for our kids and gravity brothers. If you cannot attend the meeting in person then please email, phone or write the council members in support of relocating the bike park:

Mayor, Cynthia Mathews ?420-5020 City Hall?Email –
Vice Mayor, Mike Rotkin ?420-5020 City Hall?
Katherine Beiers ?420-5020 City Hall ?Email –
Ryan Coonerty?420-5027 City Hall ?Email –
Don Lane ?420-5020 City Hall ?Email – 
Tony Madrigal?420-5020 City Hall?Email –
Lynn Robinson?420-5020 City Hall ?Email –

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2 Responses to Please attend the Santa Cruz City Council Meeting to Support the Jump Park

  1. Anonymous says:


    Thanks for posting this. We have a good chance on passing tomorrow. If you can not show up. Please write a t two sentence e-mail to all the Santa Cruz City Council members.

    Thanks Jesse

  2. Mark Davidson says:

    This measure passed 7-0 in favor at Tuesday’s 3:00 Council meeting. We now have a permanent home for the bike park.

    Thanks to all of you who wrote/phoned/emailed/attended to make this happen. Thanks for supporting biking in Santa Cruz.

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